Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Even During Annulment

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Some parents dread the coming holidays, especially if it will be their first time spending it without their estranged better half.  But parents know that they need to do good and still make the holidays special and enjoyable for the sake of their kids.

So, even though the annulment process is ongoing, you can still prepare enjoyable holiday activities for you and your kids to enjoy. Here are some tips.

  • Create a new holiday tradition. It may be a little depressing if you will play the same old game where your partner has a participation. So, while the best annulment lawyers in the Philippines are handling your annulment petition, you can introduce a new tradition like a new game instead of playing the game your family usually do during Christmas.
  • Share a family activity that all of you haven’t tried yet, like spending an hour or two with your kids at a volunteer work to feed the homeless; or you and your kids can grow a new plant every Christmas as your family’s contribution in saving Mother Earth.
  • Instead of the usual holiday speech while feasting on Christmas dinner, you want a simpler new tradition by writing love letters to your kids, hide it and ask them to look for it like a treasure hunt. Isn’t it fun and sweet?  The love and affection of your family, especially your children, will make the annulment process, handled by the best annulment lawyers in the Philippines, more bearable.
  • Go on a road trip. If your family usually spends holiday at home, fixing holiday decors, cooking and baking Christmas goodies, why don’t you try spending Christmas somewhere  else? You can rent a cabin out in woods near the lake for a nice Christmas getaway with your kids, or spend it with grandma and grandpa’s house.
  • If going on a road trip is not your thing, you can try backyard camping. Set up a nice camp and bonfire in your backyard for some nice holiday stories and games.

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays even though you are going through a stressful annulment process. But since your annulment is handled by the best annulment lawyers in the Philippines, rest assured that you can celebrate your holidays without worries.

If you have ideas or thoughts on how to celebrate the holidays without your former partner, please do tell us in the comment section below.

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