Tips to Survive a Marriage Separation

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annulment in the philippinesGoing your separate ways is not an easy decision to make, some marriages are not meant for a happily ever after ending. Although it is hard, there are tips on surviving a marriage separation that could help you lessen the burden of annulment.

Tip #1: Acknowledge your feelings

It is nothing but normal to get mad. For those who are already in a rocky relationship, the finality of getting an annulment can still be shocking. Hence, you will still face disbelief, rage and anguish. You will try to understand on why things happen and why it happened. So, depression may set in along with grief. By acknowledging your feelings, you will be able to release your emotion that was already building up for quite some time. This tip on surviving a marriage separation will also help you move on faster than those who kept their feelings still bottled up.

Tip # 2: Be objective on the reason/s why you will separate

The pointing of fingers on who is to blame will happen. And that is okay. It is expected. But the other party is not solely to blame for the failure of marriage since marriage should be worked out by both parties. Although one couple would say that the other party committed a more grave sin than the other, still both committed an error that affected the marriage. If one party would say that the estranged husband was to blame because of his indiscretions, then ask why he committed indiscretions on the first place. It is to note, however, that this tip is not to justify indiscretions, but to look at all angles on why a marriage did not work. Look at it objectively so both estranged couple could learn from the experience.

Tip #3: Look for a confidant

You may be used to talking to yourself trying to figure out what went wrong with the marriage. But be honest, you can’t really be objective about it. It is like giving an objective advice to your friends, but giving yourself one is hard or practicing what you advised others would be impossible. So, it is best if you can find a trusted confidant whom you can share what you feel, comfort you or scold you if necessary.

Tip #4: Embrace what you learned

Marriage separation is not the end of your life. Stop being the drama queen. Yes, it will hurt so bad. But it might be for the better than living in a loveless marriage just for the sake of being in a marriage. You may also hold on to the marriage for the sake of the children, but it your kids will live in a chaotic home because of you not tolerating each other, marriage separation may even be best for the kids too. Being separated from your estranged husband or partner does not mean that the relationship of the kids to your partner will also severe.

annulment in the philippinesTip #5 Take care of your children

You may be too absorbed on the process that you are going through. And you can’t be blamed for it since marriage separation is hard. However, you are not the only one who will go through the mixed or roller coaster emotions because of the impending marriage annulment. Your kids will also feel the effects of having their parents’ marriage annulled. With this, it is important that you prepare your kids.

Do you have surviving a marriage separation tips to share? Tell us in the comment section below.

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