Tips On How to Look For Expert Annulment Lawyer in the Philippines

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Expert Annulment Lawyer in the Philippines

Expert Annulment Lawyer in the PhilippinesThe legal process of annulment in the Philippines is costly and it could take a lot of time. It can also be stressful and take a toll on the emotions and psyche of both the estranged husband and wife and their kids. But the process can be made bearable if you hire expert annulment lawyer in the Philippines. So, how to look for one? Here are some tips to help you find the best attorney for your annulment.


Expert Annulment Lawyer in the Philippines

Tip #1: Ask your trusted sources like your family and friends.  Your trusted circle will give you the best recommendations on the attorney to talk to. They may know someone who knew someone, which could eventually lead you to the office of an expert annulment lawyer in the Philippines.

Tip #2: Take time to research online. Although your trusted circle may give you a list of names, it is still best to do your own research and ask Google. So, check the internet for annulment lawyers in the Philippines, check their websites and their social media pages or profiles.

Tip #3: Take time to meet and talk to the annulment lawyer. Meeting the lawyer that your trusted family and friends recommended should not be your sole consideration when hiring an attorney. Taking time to know the lawyer will give you a good idea about his experience and expertise.  It would also help if you can research and prepare questions in advance. A good annulment lawyer will appreciate your readiness and thoroughness. But what questions should you ask? Here are some suggestions:

  • The lawyer’s number of years in the practice of family law.
  • The percentage of annulment cases that he settled
  • His approach / strategy to settling a case
  • The laywer’s professional fee. If he needs upfront payment, how much and other payment terms. Although money matters is one of the foremost consideration, it is still best to refrain from getting someone who will give you the least price. Remember that cheaper is not always better.
  • The time, months or years it will take for the annulment process to complete or end.
  • Your attorney’s game plan on how he will complete the case.

Expert Annulment Lawyer in the PhilippinesTip #4: See and feel how you and your lawyer connect. The annulment process can take a while. So, you should build a good working relationship with your lawyer and you can do that by taking the time to ask questions about the annulment process and how your attorney can help you get through it. Your lawyer should be able to help you understand the things that you and your family will go through less the legal jargon that may be too confusing and complicated.

Expert Annulment Lawyer in the Philippines

Here are some questions to help you assess if you will get along with your lawyer or not.

  • Do you feel comfortable talking to and possibly work with this lawyer?
  • Do you feel intimidated or confused on how the whole annulment process should be handled?
  • Was he, your possible  annulment lawyer, a good listener?
  • Did the lawyer clearly explained the whole annulment process including those ugly things that you most probably don’t want to hear?

These tips will help you find an expert annulment lawyer in the Philippines. But after all the researching and talking, another thing that would help you assess and choose the right attorney is to follow and trust your gut. So, if something does not seem to feel right, the lawyer is most probably not the right fit.

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