August 16, 2017


It was a challenge finding a reputable law firm to handle my annulment. The rest of my life depends on the success of this case. I did my research, requested recommendations from my friends who have gone through annulments, and met with several lawyers – some are even acquaintances, before making the decision. I initially sent a text message to Atty. Flamiano and asked several questions which he graciously and promptly answered. We then arranged to meet at their office where he explained the annulment process to me and the merits of my case. I immediately knew that this was the law firm for me because of how meticulous Atty. Flamiano was down to the last detail. This gave me full trust and confidence with the firm that things will get done.

The entire process had its ups and downs. But I was constantly assured that the case is being handled to the best of their ability. Atty. never fails to provide updates and had always been able to respond to my emails and text messages even when I was out of the country. Iries had also been very accommodating, warm and friendly. Every time I’d call the office to check on the case, she would immediately recognize me and was happy to give updates in case the Atty is in court or has a meeting.

The one thing that I am most impressed about was that Atty. would take time to conduct a rehearsal before every hearing. This made me feel that the firm is 100% accountable and that they want to win the case as much as I did. It was truly a partnership and I was not made to feel like just any other client.

After a year and a half, my annulment was granted and it was best news I have ever had in my life! I am thankful for the service and the support the Montano Flamiano Law office has given to me.

         – Name withheld upon request

After researching for annulment lawyers online, I found Atty Jojo and emailed him about my case. He immediately responded back to me giving me his thoughts on situation
He was very patient and knowledgeable in explaining the annulment process in the Philippines.. I recommend him to anyone looking for annulment lawyer.

       – Jane Cruz

By far this has to be the best annulment attorneys. This firm helped me through my very nasty annulment case. They were very professional.

    – Mike Artadi

Before I began to look for a lawyer to handle my annulment case, I have heard a lot of negative experiences from other people who went through this process. I have heard that they have spent so much money and still waiting (for 5 years and some, more) for the final decision. I feel lucky that of all of the referrals and search results, I have chosen Monatano Flamiano and Associates Law to represent me. Atty. Jojo Flamiano is very helpful and supportive during the process of my annulment case. His work reflects a high level of professionalism and experienced competence in this field. He gives very supportive advice and recommendations that makes the annulment process less strenuous. Accessing to updates and progress of the case is also very easy because Atty Flamiano and his secretary, Iries, send email updates and replies to your queries in no time. Thank you so much and I would always recommend your service to anyone who needs it.
       – Noriza Manubag