How To Prepare For A Civil Annulment in the Philippines

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best annulment lawyers philippinesIf you are stuck in a loveless marriage, marriage annulment may seem to be the best recourse. No doubt, you are wondering what steps to take and how to prepare for a civil annulment and how to look for the best annulment lawyer in the Philippines.

Although your friends who survived annulment and lived to tell the tale can give you sound advices, there are legal issues and concerns that only the best annulment lawyer in the Philippines can answer. There are other things that you need to face and realize like division of assets, annulment expenses, and steps to prepare your kids for the eventuality of annulment.

So, how should you prepare for a civil annulment? Here’s how.

  • Expect that going through an annulment is like riding a roller coaster. You will be bombarded by a barrage of emotions: hurt, anger, and even self-pity. Surely, the thought of ending your marriage can be exhilarating and scary at the same time.
  • Sort out your emotions and start facing the practical matters. The cost of annulment can easily range from 180,000 to 250,000 and it can take a year or more. So, it is better to plan on how to fund the annulment cost until its completion.
  • Plan for the division of assets, if there’s any, and your future income. For the division of assets, plan this with your lawyer, including child support from your estranged partner.
  • Prepare your children. If you expect to go through an emotional ride, so does your children. In fact, they are more fragile than you are. So, better prepare them properly by making them understand why you and your estranged partner needed to part ways. Sometimes, children perceive that it was their fault on why parents separate.
  • Look for the best annulment lawyer in the Philippines. Apart from preparing yourself and your kids emotionally, mentally and psychologically, it is also best to look for a good, if not the best, lawyer for your annulment.

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