Managing Annulment During the Holidays

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Stress and emotional pain of annulment can be felt three or even ten folds during the holidays. But estranged couple should be wary that the difficulty to cope is not just felt by the former couple alone since it also affects children to a varying degree. Hence, managing of annulment is not just for the adults but for their children as well.

Here are some tips on how to manage your stress and your children’s anxiety this holiday season.

  • Stop the blame game and accept, however hard it may seem, that your marriage did not work the way you envisioned and wanted it to be. You have your down moments – endless quarrels and disagreements, but you have your happy times to cherish as well. So, instead of wallowing on who did wrong and blaming the other for the outcome, it is better to come to terms that your marriage is not bound to last. It may be harsh, but it is the reality. And the sooner that you accept it, the faster that you will be able to cope. Of course, it might also be easier and faster if you hired the best annulment lawyers in the Philippines; your annulment might end speedily and the process could be less unnerving and stressful.
  • Try to achieve a friendly relationship with your former partner. Your marriage may end but your responsibility as parents did not. If you can’t work on friendship, try to be civil at least. So, try as hard as you can not to spew hateful and heated words towards the other, especially in front of your children. If you can’t help it, do it in the comfort of your room away from the prying sensitive ears and hearts of your children. Even if you ask your trusted annulment lawyers in the Philippines, they will advise you the same.
  • View annulment in a different light. For some, annulment is the end of their life. But after some years or even months, you will realize that it is not. So, instead of engaging to self-pity, look at annulment in a different perspective. Hence, take comfort in the thought that the end of your marriage is for the better. Who would want to be in an abusive marriage or a marriage full of disagreements and irreconcilable differences?

So, how do you manage annulment during the holidays? If you have additional tips to share, please tell us in the comment section below. Contact trusted annulment lawyers in the Philippines to help you go through with it in the least possible time.

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