Making Holiday Custody Schedule Easy For Your Kids

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As it is hard for the estranged couples to spend holidays apart from each other, it is even harder for your kids, especially if it is their first time to spend holidays after the annulment process. So, to make the holidays still meaningful and happy for your kids, first try to be friends or be civil at least with your estranged spouse. Next is to come up with a holiday schedule.

But to make sure that the schedule that you are drafting will surely bring enjoyment this holiday season, here are some tips for holiday custody schedule for  you to consider.

  • Ask your kids where they would want to spend Christmas and New Year. Oftentimes, custody schedule is fitted to the schedule of adults. Hence, the kids go to the mom’s place or the dad’s place if it fits the schedule of the dad or mom. However, it shouldn’t be the case since you also need to consider what your kids want. So, asking them where they would want to spend Christmas or New Year is giving them importance. Needless to say, your kids will better enjoy the holidays since they helped in the decision-making on where they would want to be and who they would want to be.
  • One of the tips for holiday custody schedule is for the adults to respect the decision of your kids on how they would want to spend the holidays. Again, relating to item # 1, kids have a say on where they would want to spend their holidays and how they would want to spend it. It is to note that it is not giving them too much liberty, but instead of looking at it as such, think of it as giving your kids space and more importance. They would better enjoy the activities you prepared them if your kids helped in the planning.
  • Parents, avoid comparing notes and criticizing the holiday activities that the other parent prepared for your kids. Keep your negativity at bay. Remember that it is not all you about the two of you, rather it is for your kids’ sake and enjoyment this season of joy.
  • Parents to respect that schedule that all of you, including your kids all agreed on. So, one parent postponing a schedule due to an emergency work meeting, or a sudden schedule for other stuff is a non-no. Not only that you broke your agreement with the other parent, you will be disappointing your kids, too!

So, what do you think of these tips? If you think these tips for holiday custody schedule are helpful, share it on Facebook, will you? Or we would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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