How to look for the best family lawyers in Manila?

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It is already unnerving to go through the annulment process. For most, it brings numerous sleepless nights and anxiety, especially on the emotional and financial fronts. It is more stressful if your annulment case landed up in the hands of a wrong annulment lawyer. But how do you look for the best family lawyers in Manila? Here are some suggestions to help you find an annulment lawyer that best fits your needs.

  • Keep your expectations in check. Your annulment lawyer will represent your best interest in court. May it be in terms of child custody and support and division of assets, the family lawyers in Manila that you hired will represent you to the best of his / her ability. However, keep in mind that you hired a lawyer and not a counselor or a psychologist. Your lawyer may listen to your anger and frustration, may even offer you a shoulder to cry on, but he is a lawyer and he is not trained to keep your sanity in check aside from giving you legal advices.
  • Know what you should focus on. You want to end your marriage that is why you want to file for an annulment on the first place. So, better keep to heart your real intention, which is to end the marriage and get out from a loveless and perhaps abusive union. With this, you can shy away from the distractions like expending more energy on property division and other stuff. Knowing the things that you should focus on will hasten the annulment process and consequently lessening your emotional and financial burden.
  • Shortlist at least three potential family lawyers to work with. Refrain from hiring the first annulment lawyer that you meet. Not all lawyers have the same capability and approaches, not to mention that they require different fees. To help you come up with a shortlist, your family lawyer must have the following:He must have an impressive track record in family law.
  1. – He must know how to explain the annulment process in a layman’s term that you can fully understand.
  1. – He must know how to communicate and negotiate well.
  1. – He must know how to handle your annulment case using approaches and strategies specific to your case. No case is  similar since the circumstance of your annulment is different from other marriage annulment cases.  Hence, your lawyer should employ a strategy that is unique for your case.
  • Be clear of how much you should spend. The cost of annulment is not quite cheap. It can dry up your budget if your lawyer is not clear about how much you should really spend. So, look for a lawyer who can give you details on how much budget you should allot without the stress of unexpected expenditures here and there.
  • Watch out for the red flags. Your potential lawyer will definitely say what you want to hear and this include dropping names of big clients that he previously worked on. And if this happened, you should not be impressed since lawyers should be bound by the rule of confidentiality.  If your potential lawyer have the knack of going into details on what he did for one named client, can you be sure that he won’t divulge the information on your annulment case?

Making a choice on the best family lawyers in Manila to hire can be a hard decision. So, it is best to choose following a certain criteria and the suggestions or tips above are good pointers that you can follow.

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