How to Help A Child Deal with Annulment

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Best Annulment Lawyers Philippines

best annulment lawyers philippinesIf it is hard for the estranged couple to deal with marriage separation, it is equally hard for children to cope with it as well. So, aside from preparing for your annulment by choosing an the best annulment lawyers Philippines, parents must also find ways on how to help their children deal with the stress of annulment.

Parents must understand that the age and personality of their children will affect how they will react on the news of annulment. More so, the circumstances that led to the marriage separation also affects the child’s reaction, which could vary from shock, anger, sadness, frustration, and worry.  So, just like how experienced annulment lawyers discusses the annulment process, parents must find ways on how to make the process a little less difficult for their kids.

Best Annulment Lawyers Philippines

Here are some tips on how to help your child deal with annulment.

Tip #1: Keep discussions, conflicts and legal talk away from your children.

Seeing you and your estranged partner going into a verbal confrontation or your child witnessing physical abuse can take a toll on your child’s psyche. Your child, especially the young ones, may think that the separation is their fault or that they have done something bad or wrong that led to their parents separation. Hence, it is best to keep heated arguments and conflicts even legal talks away from your kids.

Tip #2: Try not to disrupt your kid’s schedule or routine

For kids, routine is a part of their comfort zone. Waking up early to prepare for school, go to school, attend extra-curricular activities like piano lesson, go home, do their homework, play with mom and dad and sleep. Well, you know what a child’s routine looks like. So, even though you are going here and there for your annulment process, try not to disrupt your kid’s routine just because yours was a mess.

Tip #3: Don’t play the blame game.

Even though you think and believe that your husband was at fault, don’t bad mouth or blame your spouse in front of your kids. If you have the urge to unload your negativity and ill feelings, seek help from a psychologist or call your family and trusted friends.

Tip #4: Parents should never cease to be parents.

Your marriage may have ended, but your responsibility as parents should not end. Although the living condition may be different, especially after the annulment, parents must find ways and arrangement on how they can still be updated and involved in the lives of their kids.

Tip#5: Seek help from others and not from your child.

If you have the urge to holler, cry your hearts out or letting your anger go out, seek the help of an adult. Call your most trusted friend or an adult family member, but never seek out the help of your kids. It is like passing unto your children the emotional burden that you’ve been carrying on.  Remember that you as an adult was having a hard time dealing with annulment, what more for a child.

Do you have other tips that you would like to add? Please tell us in the comment section below. Remember that finding the best annulment lawyers Philippines  is just a part of the preparation for the marriage separation. One part is preparing your kids for it too.

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