How to Emotionally Prepare For Annulment?

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Annulment is a hard decision. And once you decided, you need to make lots of emotional preparations. It is easy to say that you are ready to face your estranged spouse, legally end your marriage and to never see each other again. Never ever. However, the process of annulment and the finality of the decision of the annulment will have an emotional bearing. Needless to say, your feelings and reactions to your feelings during the process of the annulment and once the decision was made are something that you need to prepare of.

So, before you file for an annulment in the Philippines, here are some tips on how you can prepare emotionally. It is to note, however, that no one can 100 percent prepare for what to feel and think when the time comes. But at least there will be no more surprises, right?

  • Go on a retreat and reflect. Ask yourself these questions:
    1. Why do you want to get an annulment?
    2. What good annulment will give you?
    3. What good annulment will give your children?

Ask yourself different questions so as to put your decision in a proper perspective. Write it down if you must. And cover all the what ifs so as not to miss an issue or concern that will affect you and your children emotionally, financially and psychologically. Satisfying all your what ifs will help you prepare for an annulment in the Philippines.

  • Seek the advice of a spiritual leader and your best friend confidant. This will help you assess as objectively as possible what they will say and how they see it. But at the end of the day, the decision is still yours since it will be your life and that of your children will be affected.
  • Talk to your lawyer and ask questions to help you better understand the process of annulment. If you haven’t decided on an annulment lawyer to hire, you can ask friends or other you or your friends may know who can share their experience on the annulment process. That way, you can prepare emotionally just in case you have no choice but to face your estranged spouse.

The reasons for getting an annulment in the Philippines varies. Some may file due to abusive relationships, which is mostly the case, while some may file due to a third party, which makes the marriage unbearable. With this, it is best to personally assess the pros and cons of annulment and how it will affect you and your children. And if you think and believe that annulment will make you a better person, then go for it.     

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