Points to Consider Before Finding The Best Annulment Lawyers in the Philippines

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Best Annulment Lawyers in Philippines

Not to sound bitter, but some marriage are not bound for the happily ever after. Some marriage may see stormy weather and survive, but some will reach the end of the line and bid their goodbyes. So, what’s the last recourse? Find the Best Annulment Lawyers in Philippines that is.

But to make sure that you indeed want to go on your separate ways and file for an annulment, here are some points that you must consider.

Best Annulment Lawyers in PhilippinesMake sure that annulment is the last resort.

Have you done all possible ways and means to make your marriage work and your difference settled? If yes, then you must have sought the advice and help of a marriage counselor and your spiritual adviser. You have talked to them in great lengths to help you weigh and decide that you really really want to end your marriage or give it another try. And you would have at least given the marriage several chances and lots of patience. Of course, you talked to your spouse heart-to-heart and agreed that it would be the best option for both your sanity. So, if all means are exhausted, then annulment may be considered.

Understand how the time and cost of the annulment process.

Before you look for the Best Annulment Lawyers in the Philippines, make sure to ask questions and do your own share of research. This will help you prepare for the grueling time of waiting and attending court trials and the cost associated to it. Please note that there are medical experts to consult with for your annulment to progress and eventually get accepted.

Best Annulment Lawyers in Philippines

Best Annulment Lawyers in PhilippinesHave you considered the custody of your children?

Apart from spending countless hours discussing and deciding what property and how much will go to whom, don’t forget to also discuss in great length the welfare of your child. Who gets the custody, the terms of the visitation rights, child support, and many other things. It would be best to remember that even though the marriage did not work out, the estranged husband and wife’s role to their children never cease.

Do you have sufficient basis to back up your filing of annulment?

You fell out of love? Nah, that is not enough reason to file an annulment under the eyes of the law. It may be a valid reason in a personal sense, but it won’t hold ground in court. So, find, look, and present a sufficient basis that will be acceptable in the courtroom. And finding the Best Annulment Lawyers in Philippines will help you explore legal reasons and sufficient basis that would eventually lead to the granting of the marriage annulment.

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