Annulment Tips: How to Prepare Financially

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One of the foremost consideration when deciding for an annulment is the cost, which could practically run from PHP200,000 to PHP300,000 to cover mostly the professional fees of the lawyer and experts. Apart from this, there are other spendings or cost that you need to prepare like transportation, meals and other incidentals going to and from your lawyer’s office and the trial court. But don’t lose hope since there is a way for you to financially prepare for annulment.

It follows that getting a reliable lawyer for annulment will help you save time and cost. But apart from this, other considerations to think about are as follows:

  • Assess your current state of finances. Are you barely making ends meet or do you have enough cash in the bank to fund unforeseen spendings or costs? Remember that there will days when you need to skip work and attend to your annulment proceedings. Hence, that’s a day or two less off your paycheck.  Aside from the salary deductions, you might spend on the transportation cost or gas expenses and meals, too!
  • Do you have enough funds to pay for the mortgages, utility bills, childcare and other expenses while attending to your annulment? If you have just enough, try to bargain or negotiate with your estranged spouse for child support. However, if your former partner could not commit to help you financially, you need to assess if you can manage to shoulder all expenses alone.
  • Is your job stable? If you have job security and a steady income, you can very well afford annulment, especially if you hire a reliable lawyer for annulment.
  • After annulment, how much your living expenses will be? If before annulment you are sharing expenses with your former partner, think how the cost of living expenses will affect you after annulment. It is ideal if your former partner will commit and stick to the commitment of paying for child support and other expenses. But if not, have a back up plan to augment your income.

The above-mentioned financial considerations may be discouraging, but don’t be. This is to prepare you to the financial realities that you need to face when preparing for annulment for the Philippines. So, aside from spending time to make sure that you are hiring a reliable lawyer for annulment, you also need time to plan financially.  

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