July 27, 2017

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Founded in 1974 by founding partner Carmelito A. Montano, a many time officer of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines CALMANA (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas) and founding member of the Philippine Trial Lawyers Association, Inc, the firm has evolved into a compact group of legal professionals providing expert corporate law and Philippine annulment law services for its valued clientele.

At present, the firm is composed of three full-time lawyers, one lawyer-consultant, two legal researchers, and two administrative staff.

Montano Flamiano & Associates Law Offices is at the forefront of Philippine annulment and business practice. The firm seeks to address these vital developments by providing client centered and personalized legal services, with greater emphasis on efficiency, cost management and innovation.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Family Law (Annulment,

    Adoption, Child Custody)

  • Corporate Law (Corporate Due Diligence, Legal Audit, Corporate Documentation and Housekeeping)

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Annulment Lawyers in the Philippines       Annulment Lawyers in the Philippines      Annulment Lawyers in the Philippines

Annulment in the Philippines

A large number of couples today, after trying all avenues to save it, file for legal action to end their marriage due to a host of reasons. Since divorce is not allowed in the Philippines, annulment of marriage through court procedures is the next best thing to end marriage ties. To initiate such, you need expert annulment lawyers in the Philippines to represent you.
Although you can choose from a number of expert lawyers in the Philippines to represent you, an expert on annulment or family law can provide the best advice. They can honestly tell whether you have a valid ground to file for petition of annulment of marriage.

Expert annulment lawyers can guide you through complete process  such as drafting and filing of petition, pre trial, trial proper. This process can be emotionally draining so you will be needing the help of dependable annulment lawyers to guide you through.

A thorough research will help you make an informed choice on who to engage or hire for your marriage annulment petition. But how do you find the best and reliable one? Find out here.

If you need expert annulment lawyers in the Philippines, contact us today at atty_joflam@mflawyers.com or 09998893868. We will be happy to help you deal with the annulment process.

Our Team of Expert Lawyers

Corporate Law

The Firm, as Philippine corporate lawyers, have lawyered for numerous corporate clients in industries like pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering, trading, manpower service, etc. and maintains a host of retained clients to serve their legal needs.

The following is a representative sample of our client base in the corporate set-up:



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